Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Strength! I'm talking about mental, spiritual, and physical all types of strength!  So today we had a full area day which we don't have much during the week especially during the summer, since we have sites to be at. Sites meaning Joseph Smith Farm, Grandin Building, Peter Whitmer Farm etc. Anyways so we had a full area today so we decide to go TRACTING! yes we dont do much of it here in Rochester tracting isn't much of a success. Just a quick recap here in Rochester biggest religions Jewish, Roman Catholic all these like super legit hardcore religions right? Yes! So we pick to go trackinting on this nice road called Whilshire Rd. super nice neighborhood super cute houses. So we get to our first house on that road ring the door bell and NADA I mean car in the driveway windows open and nothing! So on to the next house my turn to ring the door bell, drum roll please.......Nothing so same pattern for about 25 min. By this time I mean I'm pretty discouraged my spiritual strength a bit low. We keep going down the street and we find a real nice lady, and....shes not interested about an hour later we get to about the third to last house on that street ring the door bell nice man answers the door is not at all interested and says "All you will find here is new testament, old testament, and the bible"

Yes so it was a hard hour and a half of tracting definitley hard. We walked back home I was drained! My physical strength, spiritual strength, mental I mean all of them had bee affected. So you can say I had my first day of rejection and it sure did not feel good at all! As I got home and thought of our little experience I started to think Rachel this is only the begining. It was sad to see how many just plainly rejected our message without even knowing what we had to say.

What I am trying to get at is we as humans are affected my many things and of course get discouraged. But I know that altough we didnt have much success today there are still people waiting out there for us to hear our message. I am much better now after thinking and pondering on our little experience, but I can truly say it helped me spiritually, mentally and yes physically (walking those miles). I am grateful for the good days and the bad for it will only build us as people and as children of our Heavnly Father. <3

Just a quick lil' pic of my companion and I last friday :D
My Trainer!! Sister Teuscher

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