Thursday, September 8, 2011

The power of miracles...

I must start off with today was a GREAT day! The things I have seen happen, in the little time I have been out on my mission! I mean WOW... Heavenly Father really looks out for everyone and especially those in search of His love and guidance. So today we had an appointment with a potential investigator which we had come across a couple days ago. We had our first visit with her today and can I say it went Great!! She is a young lady with a son who is 4 years old. We got to talking and asked her what her beliefs where and she said I believe in God, but I really want to raise my son a Mormon! She said that she had been wanting to go to church with her husband and son because she knows that, this will be a blessing in her life. So we got into the lesson and can I say the spirit was way strong! My companion Sister T started talking about promises we make with God and how when we make these promises we come closer to God. So she said if you know these things where true would you get baptized?...Drum roll please..... she said YES!! Can someone say MIRACLE... The reason I call it a miracle the week we found her we had been fasting as a companionship to find investigators to teach. Those ready to receive the message and of course have them come unto Christ. We where driving down the street about to visit a member in our ward and my companion said "Hey I know her" so we parked the car and went over to say hi we asked her if we could come to visit her the next week she said yes.

I mean the way our Heavenly Father works is so mysterious as long as we have faith and truly sincerely ask with real intent for the things that we want. He is ready to grant our desires as long as we are willing to come to Him and just ask. I have come to learn this on my mission and can I say it works every time.

“A miracle is an extraordinary event caused by the power of God. Miracles are an important element in the work of Jesus Christ. They include healings, restoring the dead to life, and resurrection. Miracles are a part of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Faith is necessary in order for miracles to be manifested”

Mormon 9:10-11;20
 10 And now, if ye have imagined up unto yourselves a god who doth vary, and in whom there is shadow of changing, then have ye imagined up unto yourselves a god who is not a God of miracles.
 11 But behold, I will show unto you a God of amiracles, even the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob; and it is that same bGod who created the heavens and the earth, and all things that in them are.
20 And the reason why he ceaseth to do amiracles among the children of men is because that they dwindle in unbelief, and depart from the right way, and know not the God in whom they should btrust.

I would like to invite all of you to pray to our Heavenly Father for those things you are seeking for,iIf you do it with a sincere heart and sincerely ask I or plead to Him to help I know without a doubt your prayers will be answered and your needs will be met.

I can truly say I believe in a God of miracles

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